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Astro Talk : Get a Jyotish Reading on phone at our cost!
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Unbelievable but true! Have a telephonic consultation with our astrologer over the phone at our cost! Yes, we will be calling you long distance by a pre-arranged appointment! So no worries about the phone meter ticking…..interact directly with our renowned astrologer and have all your queries answered!

   Rest Assured……..

  • We will maintain complete privacy of your phone number and your exchange with the astrologer.
  • No matter where you are located in the world, we will initiate the phone call at the appointed time.
  • After you order your consultation, we will schedule your appointment within 72 hours. We will do our best to schedule the appointment at the time that has your first preference. However, just in case the astrologer is busy at that time, we ask you for an alternative time as well..

    To accomodate for any unexpected changes in your schedule, you have a one time option to reschedule your appointment as long as we receive your request within 36 hours prior to the consultation.

This sounds interesting. I want to know more about Astro Talk.

Guidelines for conducting an online consultation.

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