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Birth Time Rectification
Price: $ 100.00
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Vedic astrology is completely dependent on a precise 'Time of Birth'. An inaccurate 'time of birth' will result in totally 'wrong' & 'misleading' predictions causing much anxiety & frustration. Birth Time rectification & determination is a tedious & lengthy manual process which is based on matching significant past events of your life with your 'new' birth chart. This service is recommended for people who are clueless about their 'Birth Time' or have an approximate idea.

Time Rectification is actually an interactive process and requires active involvement of the person under context. If you would like to take up this service, you are recommended to kindly provide us with some major happenings of your life (date and if possible time too). The major events can include:

  1. Marriage(s) including the dates and approximate time.
  2. Births of children with their date of birth, time and place of each.
  3. Divorce(s) including the dates.
  4. Law suits and outcome, along with the dates.
  5. Loss of a parent, sibling or someone close to you, including the date, times and places.
  6. Career breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs in life.
  7. Any other important event that would help relate back to your birth time rectification.

You can provide us this information using the "Additional Information" field on the shopping bag page. Alternatively, you can also provide us this information through email.

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