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Membership is absolutely free
Membership on our site is absolutely free and just by becoming a member, you can avail a wide variety of our free reports and services.

Store your basic information
All our reports and services are based on your birth details. So, when you register with us, your birth details are stored with us permanently. You need not enter your birth details every time you visit our site to avail our services. Not only this, you can store unlimited sets of birth data under your Account ID on our server. In other words, you can store the birth data of your entire family and friends under the same Account ID and that too for free! You can also store various location details under your Account ID. Locations are used for the Muhurta and Prashna Services.

Store your reports for later use
All free reports that you order through our web site are stored under your Account ID for a period of 3 weeks and can be accessed through your Order Log. All paid reports, services and products that you order through our web site will be displayed in your order log, as long as you do not delete them yourselves. So, we offer you lots of free space to store your generated reports for absolutely no charges!

Privacy of your information
All information collected from you is solely for making astrological calculations and deriving interpretation. No personal information will be shared with third parties at any cost. Any purchases that you make through our site are also completely secure, as we use the 128 bit SSL technology to process your payment information.

Personalized Reports & Services
A membership to Astroastro.com, entitles you to the following free Reports and Services:

Birthstar Report
Compatibility Report
Dasha Report
Gemstone Report
Panchanga Report
Planetary Transit Report
Birthstar Reminder Service
Gemstone Therapy Service
Yearly Predictions
Weekly Predictions
Personalized Vedic Tutor
and a lot more....

This list of benefits will be ever growing and we will bring more and more innovative and accurate reports and services for you!

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