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Timing Events

The uniqueness of Vedic Astrology lies in the fact that it provides both your life plan - your birthchart; and also describes how the karmic seeds planted in your horoscope will blossom over time.

A horoscopic chart is like a still picture of the zodiac and the planets which are otherwise in a state of flux. The horoscopic chart indicates the position of planets at the time of birth. The constant movement of planets, however, continues, and in this process the various planets transit over sensitive areas of the horoscope. This makes occurence of specific events possible. The sequence of dashas indicates the sequence of events that happen in an individual's life at appropriate moments. Transit of planets helps us clinch the moment of occurence very accurately.

By the foregoing it is meant that the horoscopic chart carries a promise which the dasha pattern unfolds in time. The transits confirm the unfolding of that promise at a given time. The transits are thus subservient to the natal chart and its dasha pattern. They confirm the promise in the chart and indicate the fructification.

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